What is magic?

I guess the first question has to be, what is magic?  Or at least, how will I define it?

I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I’ve yet to come upon a definition that I’m happy with.  If I think about the things that are magical to me, I guess they all contain an element of wonder, of chance, a kind of divine timing that would be impossible to orchestrate.  Magic is something you have no control over.  Maybe it is allowing the unfolding of life without shutting it down.

If I think about the people I know who are magic, what they have in common is ease.  They don’t fight against the present moment, they go with it and revel in what it is bringing without thinking ahead to what is happening next.  They are relaxed, and in that relaxed state there is a trust that everything is unfolding perfectly.  When you observe them there’s a suspicion that the whole universe is orchestrating around them.  Maybe magic is a recognition of the hand of the divine in what we are looking at, and being blown away at the elegance of the outcome.  I think it’s also a kind of delight, a pinching yourself at how deliciously all the elements fit together.

It’s not something I’m going to come to understand in one day, especially when the day has just ended with many gin and tonics in a bar dancing to dirty blues and hot thumping jive.  What’s your definition of magic?