Are you fed up with going out on dates that don’t work out? Are you tired of spending money and time meeting people - only to be constantly disappointed?

You really want to meet someone. You’ve been putting yourself out there online, but it’s eating up so much of your time and energy – and it’s beginning to feel like a chore.  Is it true that all the good ones are taken?

You lie awake at night worrying that you’re not going to meet someone in time to have kids. Sometimes you get sucked into negative spirals of thought that make you feel depressed and hopeless, thinking that what you want will never happen.

You’ve had some bad experiences in love before, and you don’t want to repeat them. But even if you try to avoid negative traits in the men you date, the same patterns crop up again and again!

Maybe they don’t listen to you, maybe they don’t prioritise you, maybe they don’t respect you. Maybe they’re emotionally unavailable and keep themselves at arm’s length. Maybe you give and give but never get anything back.

You feel angry at them for treating you badly, and at yourself for choosing them. You’ve had so many disappointments that you’re beginning to question your own judgement.

What’s going on? Why do you keep attracting the same kind of guys?
Why do things start off OK, but then go wrong?

If only relationships weren’t so... difficult.

What if you could avoid attracting unsuitable guys and start attracting guys who treat you well?

Imagine understanding how to attract a man who will really appreciate you.

Imagine understanding how your internal world (your focus, thoughts and emotions) impacts the kind of men you are attracting in the external world.

Imagine having clarity on WHY these patterns keep repeating themselves and knowing exactly what to do differently so you can have a healthy relationship. Imagine the relief of knowing you never need to repeat the pattern again!

Imagine dating with confidence, feeling good about yourself and knowing that what you want is possible.

Imagine being in control of your thoughts and emotions - and feeling energised and enthusiastic about dating.

Imagine your friends celebrating with you as you share stories of how thoughtful your date was, how strong the connection was, or how much fun you had.

Imagine feeling excited about dating new people, and being confident that they’ll treat you well.

It’s all possible . You can have the relationship you deserve. And I can help you.

Hi, I'm Julie-Anne Graham.

I work with single women who are successful in work, but unlucky in love. They’re tired of dating the wrong guys and worry they’ll spend the rest of their lives alone.

I help them figure out why relationships haven’t worked out in the past, so they can attract a healthy, committed relationship.

Do any of these sound familiar?

•  You lie awake at night feeling worried and depressed about the fact that you have been single for so long and you never seem to meet any suitable men.
•   You see other couples in love and feel sad, wondering what they have that you don’t.
•   You repeat unhealthy patterns in your relationships and don’t know how to change them.
•  You repeatedly attract men who are unsuitable, unavailable, unable to meet your needs or commit to you fully.
•  You worry if you don’t figure out what’s going on you might be single forever.

If any of that sounds like you, I have good news. There are reasons these things are happening, and when you understand them, you can make changes so that your experience with guys will never be the same again.

As a result of this package you'll...

•  Understand the reasons why your relationships didn’t work out in the past. 

•  Become aware of the part you have played in creating unhealthy dynamics, and how to shift out of it.
•  Feel in control of your love life and know that you can use your thoughts and energy in positive ways to draw the right person to you.

•  Shift from feeling powerless and victimised, like there’s nothing you can do about it, to feeling empowered and confident. 

•  Stop attracting men who treat you badly, and start attracting men that treat you well.
The Breakthrough to Love Assessment
This simple questionnaire will help to identify the bad behaviour of your most significant exes, so we can pinpoint the painful patterns and tackle them head on in our session. You’ll identify which areas of your life work the best so that you can create a new positive focus and shift your point of attraction.
Pre-session video
In this 15-minute video, I’ll introduce you to how your thoughts and emotions affect the experiences you attract into your life, and you’ll discover why you may be unwittingly attracting men with traits you DON’T want. This video gives an important overview of the philosophy and framework that we’ll be using in our session together.
Break the pattern coaching session
In this 90-minute coaching session you’ll discover why you keep attracting unsuitable guys and what to do about it. You’ll take a look at how you act in relationships, and identify which behaviours are causing men to treat you badly.

You’ll discover how your focus impacts your thoughts, emotions and energy and how to use it to attract the kind of man you’d like to date. You’ll get clarity on which thoughts are making you feel bad about yourself and what to do about them.

By the end of this session you’ll understand where you’ve been going wrong in the past, and feel empowered to make a change. You’ll be excited to put your new skills into practice and start attracting the kind of men you actually want to date!
Afterwards, you’ll receive:
•  15-min video explaining the practices that will raise your energy and help you attract the man you’ve always been looking for.
•  An appreciation journal which will help you to raise your energy, feel good and create a new point of attraction.
•  Notes of the video content which will help you consolidate your learning and explain the energy raising process step-by-step.
•  Two worksheets that will help you to start attracting the men you want, and feel better about yourself!
•  A video and audio recording of the coaching session so you can rewatch it at your leisure and take notes, or allow the insights to sink in.
•  Homework to complete - daily practices to start shifting your energy and behaviour to attract the kind of man you want to date.
Follow up coaching session
Two weeks later we’ll check in for a 30-minute session to see how you’re doing. We’ll discuss how your new habits and behaviours are going, and adjust the plan as needed.

You’ll leave the session feeling clear about what you need to do, and relieved that you can finally stop attracting the wrong guys!

Investment: £99

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Step 4: Before we speak, fill out the Breakthrough to Love Assessment and send it back to me at least 24 hours in advance. Please watch the introductory video as well.
Step 5: At the time of the call, click on the Zoom video link and we’ll be connected.

Let’s change your love life for the better!

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