Iris Apfel

Woweeee well every time I meet up with Shirley, it seems that the magic just gets bigger and bigger!  We’re masterminding all sorts of ideas for workshops and classes and courses.  The ideas just seem to be exploding like fireworks.

I was sharing with her some of the women that have totally inspired me, and I thought I’d put them on here because they are just spectacular!  This is Iris Apfel, a 94 year old interior designer and fashion icon from New York.  She is a riot of pattern and colour and inspiration for living large 🙂  Dressing with freedom doesn’t just affect the outer appearance, it affects the mind.

“When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.” Iris Apfel.


I absolutely adore her, and the women from the Advanced Style blog who are 70+ and still dressing to express their creativity, with huge passion and vigor.

Check out these ladies!

And this week the documentary about Irises life is out in London!  So any London peeps, get down to the cinema before Thursday to catch it 🙂