Inspiration bubbling

Today I went to Green Park with my new bestie
Shirley.  She is glorious, a riot of strawberry blonde curls,
effervescent, just fizzing with life and possibility and mischievous
fun.  After wandering through the sun dappled park, past the swans and
ancient trees, we arrived on a bridge by a lake overlooking the palace
domes.  Shirley reached into her bag and pulled out two little bottles
of bubbles.  Ooooh the deliciousness!  I’ve only blown bubbles for my
godson in recent times, I can’t remember the last time I blew some for
me!  So we unscrewed the lids and started to blow.  Soon, the wind
caught the bubble sticks and without any effort streams and streams of
rainbow bubbles were flying out in huge lines, all in different
directions!  We just laughed and laughed at how gorgeous it all was.
The bubbles were whipping around us, flying backwards and forwards
because of the strong wind.  We were laughing so much I think the people
nearby must’ve thought we were drunk!


we wandered on to a little cafe overlooking the lake and sat chatting
for hours about the inspiration that came to Shirley last week.  I can’t
tell you how excited I am to announce that we are going to be running
workshops and groups together!  The inspiration for the name was
Shirley’s, and I absolutely love it!  The Meetup is going to be
‘Mindfulness, Magic and the Law of Attraction.’ wooooooo hoooooo!  The
ideas were just flying around us.  I just KNOW we’re going to have so
much fun running them, and I can’t wait to get started planning what
we’ll be doing and where. I want the creation of these groups as
effortless as the bubbles on the bridge, letting universal energy to
take us on a wild ride.

All I can say is watch this space!