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Tune to the Frequency of Love, Joy and Magic - Julie-Anne Graham Coaching

Tune to the Frequency of Love, Joy and Magic

This morning, while I was meditating, I got the inspiration to use a different mantra than the one I normally use.  I have practiced many different types of meditation in the past, but the one I find most effective is using a mantra for the mind to fix upon.

Usually the mantra is something sacred in an ancient language that doesn’t mean anything in particular to you.  This is deliberate.  It allows the mind to rest on the word or words, without getting distracted by the meaning.  It is a neutral anchor that you can bring your mind back to.

But this morning, I was inspired to try something else.  I replaced my mantra with the word ‘magic’.  I just sat there and repeated it, over and over in my mind.  And I could feel something.  I could feel myself tune to the frequency of it.

Abraham talks about tuning to the frequency of different emotions, to create a ‘grid’.  I have to admit, I’ve never really understood the concept of creating a grid.  I’ll have to look it up after this post.  But this morning, just repeating the word ‘magic’ I could feel that it had a particular type of energy.

Half way through the mediation I was inspired to change it, and replaced it with the word ‘love’.  I was surprised in how different it felt.  Then I changed it again.  This time to the word ‘joy’.

As I repeated the word ‘joy’ over and over again, I could feel my body responding.  It felt light, almost bubbling, there was a sense of exhilaration, like something amazing was gong to happen, like something indescribably exciting was on the horizon, an effervescence, a sparkling.

I could feel it reverberating around my whole body.  Like it was waking the cells up to dance.  Like they were all beginning to fizz. I pictured the word appearing in my heart with every heartbeat, fading away and reappearing with each beat.


Love felt a lot more open, Love was like melted butter.  I could feel it spreading out around me, seeping into things, seeping into the earth.  Love was warmth, spreading out from the centre of my chest.  Love grounded things.  Love made connections.  Love was liquid.  It had no holes.  It moved into all the spaces.  Joy was higher, Joy was from the sky.  Joy was bubbles with space in between.

Magic was close to Joy.  It was like an orchestra of sparklers, it was pure and open to all possibilities.  It crackled and fizzed.  Like when two compounds meet and there is a chemical reaction.  It was airy, crackly, full of possibility, like tiny fireworks waiting to explode.

I felt like I was tuning into different radio stations.  These were different frequencies.  They seemed very distinct.  Very tangible.  Very real.  And they completely changed the way I felt.  Afterwards I felt expanded, light and so appreciative of the experience.

So I’m going to continue to tune the frequency each morning.  It makes sense that if you generate a particular vibration, more things that feel that way will come to you.  It feels exciting, like the word ‘magic’, there’s a sense of possibility, of things ready to burst into creation.  I’m not sure what will happen, but I’ll let you know.

Why don’t you try it for yourself?  What words or emotions would you like to tune to the frequency of?  Post below, I’d love to hear your experience 🙂