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How to Raise your Vibration to Attract Love - Julie-Anne Graham Coaching

How to Raise your Vibration to Attract Love

Law of Attraction is the idea that ‘like attracts like’. Some people think it means that two people need to share the same likes, interests and desires to be compatible, but actually that’s not the case.

Likes, interests and desires are just superficial similarities. Just because you’re interested in the same things doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get along with someone, or want to date them. In fact, sometimes being too similar can make a relationship flat. Difference can be exciting.

When it comes to dating, what this actually means is you need to be on the same emotional wavelength as the person you want to attract. 

What does that mean?

The emotional scale

Let me explain using the emotional scale. This is a scale of emotions that ranges from the most positive at the top, down to the most negative at the bottom.

Emotions like love, joy, and appreciation are at the top of the scale, and emotions like depression, fear, grief are at the bottom.

Your point of attraction

Everyone experiences all of these emotions at some point. But day to day, there’ll be a range you fluctuate between, and it will vary in different areas of your life.

You might be high on the scale in terms of your work, but when you think about relationships, you dip right down to the bottom to frustration, anger or fear.

This is your point of attraction.
How to raise your energy to attract love | Diagram of the emotional scale
This scale is adapted from the work of Abraham Hicks.

You attract based on your emotional frequency

Wherever you are on the scale, you’ll attract more of the same. That’s why a relationship is never the answer to your prayers. It will only ever magnify the energy you’ve got going on. If you’re down towards the bottom end of the scale, you’re actually just doubling your problems by attracting someone who is down there with you.

So, if you’re wanting to meet the man or woman of your dreams, you need to learn how raise your energy and get up to the top of the scale – and stay there on a consistent basis. Then the people you meet will be positive and optimistic, and you’ll have an easy, loving, fun-filled relationship.

Why I was attracting angry guys

I discovered this the hard way. In my 20s, I had a series of relationships that didn’t work out, and as I entered my 30s I was beginning to get pissed off. Lo and behold, I started attracting angry guys. They were angry with the world and suspicious of people. They were deliberately provocative and always looking for a fight. In fact, they seemed to actually enjoy it!

We would have pointless arguments over the silliest things. Because the relationships were so difficult, they didn’t last long. The first time it happened I thought it was bad luck. The second time it happened, I started to wonder.

I knew a bit about Law of Attraction, and I’d heard the concept that reality is like a mirror, mirroring back to you what energy you’re putting out. But I had NO idea why I was attracting these men. I mean, I wasn’t angry, was I?

How to raise your energy to attract love | Photo of lightbulb

My lightbulb moment

It was only when I heard myself talking about my exes one day that the light bulb went on. Someone asked me about my relationship history and I heard myself going into the story, rolling my eyes and talking about my exes in a negative way.

In that moment, I saw myself clearly. My big complaint was that they weren’t treating me with respect, but I suddenly realised that I wasn’t treating them with respect! Clearly I had hidden anger that I hadn’t dealt with. Rolling my eyes was disrespectful! It was obvious from the way I was speaking that I had more work to do.

It was a huge revelation. I vowed to shift the anger, so I could attract a respectful relationship with a partner that I admired and loved.

When you get your energy right everything becomes easier

Once I figured out how to release the resentment and raise my energy, I met the love of my life soon after. We’ve been together ever since, and I’ve never been happier. Our relationship is so loving and fun and easy! If I had stayed in the emotional state I had been in, I know we’d never have met.

That’s why it’s really good to be single until you figure out what you’re doing. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time and energy attracting difficult partners and the relationships won’t last for long. You only want to attract a partner when you’re in a place of feeling good, because if not, you’re just asking for trouble.

How to raise your energy to attract love

You can raise your energy by activating the emotions at the top of the scale deliberately, and on a regular basis. By activating the feelings of appreciation, excitement, joy and love you can attract someone on the same wavelength – and the relationship will be easy, joyful and fun.

A great place to start is with a regular practice of appreciation in the morning. This will set your tone for the day ahead and put you in the right frame of mind to attract a wonderful partner. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to raise your energy and stop attracting the wrong guys, check out my new mini-package available now for only £99 here.