Day 1 – Making magic…?


Okay, so this is an experiment.  And you’re invited to join in!

For the past six months I’ve
been experimenting with my focus.  To me it seems to be the most powerful
creative tool that we possess.  I’m curious about how deliberate
focus changes what you look at.  And I’m interested in seeing how it intensifies through being shared.  My favourite teachers
Abraham-Hicks say that if you put your attention on a thought for more
than 17 seconds it begins to attract more thoughts of a similar
vibration.  So this is what I thought I’d focus on.

Real magic.  Magic in everyday life.  We all have moments of it,
flickers.  And sometimes they dance in front of us and dazzle us with
their beauty, and then they’re gone.  I wonder what happens when you
deliberately focus on those moments.  I wonder whether the universe
provides us with more magic.  I wonder what happens when you decide you
are a person that magic happens to.  I want to find out.

this is what I propose.  I will commit to writing every day for a year,
thanks to the inspiration of @michellegallen #nozerodays  And I will
focus on the magic in my life.  And the magic that I see around me.  And
I will see what happens.  Care to join me?

PS. Thanks to Gala Darling for the gorgeous image.  I’ve only just discovered her after writing this!  Magic in action.  I love what she is doing 🙂