Creating a gap

One of the things I’ve been considering is the conditions under which magic happens.  I think it happens when you leave a space.  There is an opportunity for the universe to get creative when you haven’t already got all the details penciled in.  There’s more opportunity for the spontaneous or unrehearsed.  For an idea to pop into your head.  For an impulse to grab you, and for you to be present enough to follow it.

There are so few moments now that are not filled with some distraction. Mobile phones have taken over our heads and our lives.  If I don’t check my email for a day it seems like a lifetime.  Is this addiction to technology eroding the magic from our lives?  What would happen if we limited it?  I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up my smart phone and replacing it with one of those durable bricks that only make calls, but I can’t quite ween myself away from the lures of Citymapper to get me round London.  So until I get brave enough to embrace that mapless world, I’ve turned off the email capability on my phone and deleted Facebook.  A small gesture perhaps, but maybe it will open a little gap.