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Connected to the stream - Julie-Anne Graham Coaching

Connected to the stream

Magical things have been happening lately, and I believe they are happening because I am blocking the flow of universal energy less and less.  These ideas are based on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, but I guess I’ve found my own way of understanding it.

I believe that in every moment of every day, a stream of universal energy is flowing to us, bringing a flood of inspiration, ideas and impulses to act.  I like to imagine this energy streaming in through the crown of my head and flowing to my heart.  When you are feeling free, or full of joy, love or appreciation there is no resistance to the energy.  It flows strongly and you can feel the current within you.

However, we can block the stream with resistant thoughts and feelings.  The more we block the flow, the worse we feel, because we are disallowing our connection with Source.  Check out these snazzy diagrams I created which give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  Right click to view them bigger.


On the left hand side of the diagram is the emotional scale I mentioned earlier.  Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness is the lowest and most resistant vibration.  As you go up the scale towards Joy/Appreciation/Empowerment/Freedom/Love the emotions become lighter, and more of the energy gets a chance to get in.  As you allow more of the energy to flow, the better you feel and the more inspiration flows to you.  The higher you go the more exhilarated, inspired and lit up you feel.


Every night when we go to sleep we drop the resistance and revert to our natural set point at the top of the scale.  It’s only when we wake up and pick up the same old thoughts from the day before that we end up blocking the flow again.  One of the reasons I find the practice of appreciation so beneficial is that it starts the momentum of thought going at this free flowing level at the beginning of the day when it is easiest to access.  As you hold these thoughts they attract other thoughts of a similar vibration and it creates a point of attraction.  It doesn’t mean you won’t dip, but you’re a lot more likely to stay there as it establishes a firm basis.  The more you do it the stronger it will become and the longer you will be able to maintain it.

Abraham refers to us holding negative thoughts like someone holding a cork under the water.  You can hold it under as long as you like, but when you let go it floats right back up to the surface again.  This is the natural reset that we get every night when we go to sleep.  There are also some great tools you can use to bring yourself up the emotional scale during the day, and I’ll talk about these in my next post 🙂