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Why introverts need space in a relationship

Introvert brains work differently to the brains of extroverts and this can impact the amount of space you need in relationships. Introverts recharge by being alone, so being around a partner day in, day out can feel very intense, especially at the beginning of a relationship. If you're an introvert, discover five questions that will help you get the space you need, while still maintaining a loving connection. And if you've ever dated an introvert, this article may shed some light on why it's so important to give them the space they need.

How To Meet The Right Guy Off-line: 5 Reasons To Follow Your Excitement When Dating

If you're fed up with internet dating and you just can't seem to meet someone who's truly a match for you, discover why following your excitement to meet someone off-line could be the answer. Discover how this little known secret can revamp your dating life! Find a better quality man. Receive step by step guidance, that will lead you to the right person. Become more authentic and live a more fulfilling life. Become more desirable and easier to commit to. To find out how, read on!

Why you might not want a relationship (even if you say you do!)

If you’ve been looking for love for a while and you haven’t found it, have you ever thought that there could be part of you that doesn’t actually want a relationship? I know what you’re thinking. ‘What do you mean? Of COURSE I want a relationship! Look at all the effort I’m going to! I’m searching through online profiles, writing to people, going out on dates… why would I put all this effort in if I didn’t want a relationship?’ That may be true, but often when we want something so badly, we don’t look in the opposite direction to see if there’s another part of us that DOESN’T want it. To find out more, read on.

How to Break Bad Relationship Patterns

If your love life feels like Groundhog Day with the same negative patterns repeating from one relationship to the next, it's important to figure out why. Often there can be behaviours that you're completely unaware of that are bringing out negative behaviour in the people you date. The great thing is that we can use this reflection as information. People treat us the way we treat ourselves. By changing the way you treat yourself you can evolve out of the pattern forever. Find out how!

How Your Focus Can Sabotage Your Relationships

When you're dating it's SO important to learn how to control your focus and put your attention on what you want, rather than what you don't want. Without this skill you can end up in break up after break up, with no relationship ever going the distance. Learning how to focus positively can lead to a lifetime of love, joy and contentment, in a relationship that just keeps getting better and better.

Tune to the Frequency of Love, Joy and Magic

This morning, while I was meditating, I got the inspiration to use a different mantra than the one I normally use.  I have practiced many different types of meditation in the past, but the one I find most effective is using a mantra for the mind to fix upon. Usually the mantra is something sacred […]
Julie-Anne about to paraglide with instructor

What Happens When You Follow Your Excitement

Over the New Year I was on holiday with my boyfriend’s family in the beautiful French Alps.  Nestled in an apartment that overlooked the majestic mountains I witnessed paragliders landing on the clear wide patch of snow in the village.  And it sparked a memory. Four months previously, I had imagined what it would be […]
seedling growing

Transform your New Year with Tiny Habits

It’s the energy of the New Year!  My favourite time to create new intentions and resolutions 🙂  And I’ve discovered a new and easier way of setting goals this year.  Using tiny habits! When I first started the blog I was trying to go by the name “Everyday” magic, and post every day.  But this […]


The Oxford University Dictionary defines alchemy as “1. The medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir. or 2. A seemingly magical process of transformation or creation.“ I guess the thing that fascinates me more than all other […]
The Secret Gratitude Book


Wooohooo!  Well today was my birthday!  Nothing quite like a birthday to weave magic 🙂 and it just also happens to be my 100th day of appreciation!  I’ve been writing in a gratitude book every day for the last 3 and a bit months (only missing a few days) and it has really made a […]
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