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Why introverts need space in a relationship

Introvert brains work differently to the brains of extroverts and this can impact the amount of space you need in relationships. Introverts recharge by being alone, so being around a partner day in, day out can feel very intense, especially at the beginning of a relationship. If you're an introvert, discover five questions that will help you get the space you need, while still maintaining a loving connection. And if you've ever dated an introvert, this article may shed some light on why it's so important to give them the space they need.
Julie-Anne, Elaine, Melba and Dave

Catching up

Last weekend I traveled to Horsham to see my great friends from art school, Elaine and Dave (and their little boy Harry) and Melba who flew in from Scotland.  We’ve traveled across America together, run from a rattle snake, survived scorpions, got held in a casino in Las Vegas, featured in a Jim Carrey movie […]
Cherry blossom


There is mystery in all the magic that I can think of.  Words are inadequate to describe what is essentially unknowable.  They point in a direction, but it is like a finger pointing to the moon. Yesterday I went down to Navan to visit my dear friend.  Words always fail me when I try to […]
The Secret Gratitude Book


Wooohooo!  Well today was my birthday!  Nothing quite like a birthday to weave magic 🙂 and it just also happens to be my 100th day of appreciation!  I’ve been writing in a gratitude book every day for the last 3 and a bit months (only missing a few days) and it has really made a […]
Nick Fon


Just in from an awesome Law of Attraction workshop tonight with Nick Fon Sing.  I can’t tell you how much the word ‘magic’ cropped up in everyone’s stories.  So much inspiration!  And one story that I’m going to feature on this blog soon 🙂 a super inspiring tale of how two soulmates met!  I love […]

Inspiration bubbling

Today I went to Green Park with my new bestie Shirley.  She is glorious, a riot of strawberry blonde curls, effervescent, just fizzing with life and possibility and mischievous fun.  After wandering through the sun dappled park, past the swans and ancient trees, we arrived on a bridge by a lake overlooking the palace domes. […]