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Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Woweeee well every time I meet up with Shirley, it seems that the magic just gets bigger and bigger!  We’re masterminding all sorts of ideas for workshops and classes and courses.  The ideas just seem to be exploding like fireworks. I was sharing with her some of the women that have totally inspired me, and […]

Inspiration bubbling

Today I went to Green Park with my new bestie Shirley.  She is glorious, a riot of strawberry blonde curls, effervescent, just fizzing with life and possibility and mischievous fun.  After wandering through the sun dappled park, past the swans and ancient trees, we arrived on a bridge by a lake overlooking the palace domes. […]
Festival of colour

Sensory overload

If I think about places that are magical for me, the top of the list has to be India.  With cities filled with temples and gemstones, women draped in colour and jewellery, monkeys and peacocks roaming freely through the streets, mystic poets, water-palaces, festivals, markets filled with spices and flower garlands, rickshaws handpainted with fluorescent […]
ray of light

What is magic?

I guess the first question has to be, what is magic?  Or at least, how will I define it? I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I’ve yet to come upon a definition that I’m happy with.  If I think about the things that are magical to me, I guess they all contain an […]