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Catching up - Julie-Anne Graham Coaching

Catching up

Last weekend I traveled to Horsham to see my great friends from art school, Elaine and Dave (and their little boy Harry) and Melba who flew in from Scotland.  We’ve traveled across America together, run from a rattle snake, survived scorpions, got held in a casino in Las Vegas, featured in a Jim Carrey movie in LA and got caught in a hurricane in North Carolina. Dave and Elaine are
just about to move to Sydney where Elaine is going to set up as a Homoeopath and Dave as a Graphic Designer.  In Glasgow, Melba is setting up her own interior design


We had a gorgeous weekend, eating delicious food in the garden in the sunshine and playing with Harry, who was splashing in a tiny bath, bouncing waterbombs on the ground, blowing bubbles, racing around the garden on a tiny trike, hiding very successfully behind his own hands (we couldn’t see him! 😉 jumping like crazy on the bed and laughing at bats.

We explored the market town of Horsham, old brick, ancient churches, characterful pubs, gorgeous flowers everywhere.  Elaine’s mum volunteers for ‘Horsham in Bloom’ who have been responsible for making the town more beautiful, planting wild flowers, creating a Human Nature garden filled with huge artichokes, echinacea, rhubarb, liquorice, berries and sunflowers that attract big fluffy bees.  They also created an Elephantastic Safari, you can spot large brightly coloured elephants in the shop windows, some even riding on skateboards.


I talked to Jan, Elaine’s dad about flying!! YES, he has his own pilot’s license, and he talked me through exactly how to fly a plane!  How you steer it on the ground (with your feet), how you land (you stall the engine when you’re two elephants above the runway), how you navigate through a cloud (with instruments), how to get your license (you need 45 hours of flying time), how many exams you need to pass (seven), how long it will take to study for one exam (a month) and showed me the books I’d need to get.  He even got out the aviation map and worked out which airfield was closest to me and which plane would be the best one for me to start with.  He’s flown around Sydney Opera House and up the Gold Coast.  He’s popped over to Le Touquet in France for a coffee.  Zipped to the Isle of Wight for lunch.  And his wingman is a retired RAF fighter pilot called Moose in his 80s.  If I hadn’t been playing the prosperity game we would never have had this conversation!  And did you know… Jan says you can BUY a second hand plane of your very own for £15,000!!! Who knew?  You’d need a barn and an airstrip as well, but I’m sure the universe could sort that one out 😉


Magic is being with old friends, with people you can be completely yourself with.  It’s about being in the moment, and being amazed by everything, like Harry.  It’s creating magic for other people, whether that’s cooking gorgeous food, planting a beautiful garden for people to enjoy or healing them with natural remedies.  Magic is watching a father play with his son and love every second of it.  Magic is the courage to set up your own business and watch it grow.  Magic is following your dream and learning how to fly, or sail or climb whatever age you are.  Magic is overcoming your fears, following your heart and moving half way around the world just because it feels right 🙂  Thanks for all the inspiration guys!