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Appreciation - Julie-Anne Graham Coaching

Wooohooo!  Well today was my birthday!  Nothing quite like a birthday to weave magic 🙂 and it just also happens to be my 100th day of appreciation!  I’ve been writing in a gratitude book every day for the last 3 and a bit months (only missing a few days) and it has really made a huge difference in my life.  Just like the focus on magic, the focus on the things you appreciate really brings more things to appreciate.  I am the happiest I’ve ever been, and I credit it to this practice of starting my day by focusing on the things that I love in my life.

Your thoughts have momentum, and they attract more thoughts of a similar nature to them.  When you focus on a thought for as little as 17 seconds other thoughts start to join it.  By the time it reaches 68 seconds it becomes a point of attraction.  By starting the day spending 10 minutes writing in a gratitude book you create a huge amount of positive momentum that continues to work for you throughout the day.  I feel like it insulates me, creating a buffer that stops my thoughts heading down a negative direction.  It’s not that that still doesn’t happen, it just happens a lot more rarely now and I am feeling really good more and more of the time.

Since I’ve been writing in the book, so many magical things have happened.  Coincidences, opportunities, wonderful rendezvous, amazing people showing up, delicious conversations, great insights and my dreams unfolding in such a gorgeous step by step fashion.  Things have just started blossoming in my life and every day now, I wake up, excited about what the day will bring, and what delicious things life has in store for me.


Today was a day to appreciate.  I got so many gorgeous messages and wishes from my friends, including an awesome happy birthday rendition in French and  beautiful videos on Facebook.  I lunched, shopped and coffeeed with my wonderful mum, we wandered around town discovering (Studio Souk) and rediscovering places (Fresh Garbage anyone?), trying on ridiculous luminous high heels (what the hell!), getting an impromptu makeover in the House of Fraser, and emerging with smoky eyes!  Then drinking delicious red wine with my dad and dining on seared sea bass and coconut curry.

I got some wonderful pressies including super cool comedy tickets to go see Tommy Tiernan (love him! thanks bro!) a beautiful chiffon/felt fuchsia scarf, tropical dress and the coolest glitter makeup.  And a book called THE MAGIC!  ha ha ha!  The next few days will be packed catching up with people, heading to a 20 year school reunion on Saturday then back to London on Sunday for more celebrations with my friends there 😉 aaayyye!   I so appreciate all the wonderful people in my life, and all the richness and abundance that surrounds me, including the wealth of ideas and inspiration that I keep receiving.  Life is so full and beautiful and good.  Thank you universe!  Thank you 🙂  Let me say it again.  Every.  Single.  Day!