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Alchemy - Julie-Anne Graham Coaching

The Oxford University Dictionary defines alchemy as “1. The medieval
forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in
particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a
universal elixir. or 2. A seemingly magical process of transformation or


I guess the thing that fascinates me more than all other kinds of alchemy is the transformation of thoughts.  And that is what I’ve been working on today.  Yeah, for the most part recently I’ve been feeling GOOD.  But then you hit a day when you’re feeling BAD.  And if you’ve been feeling really good, like kind of crazy invincible, then feeling bad feels worse than it used to, because the contrast is so extreme.

So that’s where the focus wheel comes in.  It is, without doubt, my favourite tool of transformation. I’ve literally become a focus wheel addict.  And what I’ve found is that with a focus wheel you can turn lead into gold.

I can’t describe how powerful it is.  It has literally FREED me and changed my life.  Can I say that in a stronger way?  The thing is, there’s no way of explaining its power, you have to try it for yourself.  When you feel something shift that has been stuck for a long time you’ll
know.  When you feel the increased flow of energy you’ll know.  When you feel the
inspiration that comes as a result you’ll know.  That will convince you.  Nothing I say can give you that experience.  So if you’re interested, really interested, make a commitment to yourself to actually do it.  Try it.  Otherwise there’s no point.  You may as well stop reading now.

The mind is like a heat seeking missile, it will look for evidence of anything.  You just have to get it working for you instead of against you.  There is duality in everything.  You can make what you want grow by putting your attention on it.


I like to think of thoughts on a specific subject like this.  Imagine an old fashioned steam boat, but with a series of wheels on each side.  The wheels are our thoughts.  If the wheels are all spinning in different directions then it’s going to be very hard for the boat to go anywhere, it’s just going to judder around in the water.  Eventually it will use up all its fuel, become exhausted and burn out.  But if you switch direction on a few of the wheels you’ll begin to move, and oh what a wonderful journey you’ll have!  The more wheels you get going in the direction you want, the faster you go.  The focus wheel is how you change direction.

Collecting resistant thoughts

  1. Get a notebook and open on a new double page spread.  On the left hand page choose a subject and write down any resistant/negative thoughts you have on this subject.
  2. When you have your list, from each negative thought draw a little arrow across onto the right hand page.  You are going to turn the thought around to what you would prefer.  Make a list on the right hand page, reversing or changing the negative thought into a positive one.

Focus wheel

Print out a focus wheel (right click to save this image.)  Write the new positive thought in the centre circle.

  1. Start at 1 o’clock and find a thought you already believe which agrees with the thought in the centre.  This is the most important one because it starts you off.  You are looking for anything!  It can be the tiniest and least powerful thought and you might think, what’s the point of writing that one down?  But it is the most important thought no matter how small it is because it starts you off.  When you focus on it for more than 17 seconds you will begin to attract other thoughts.  The reason it can be hard to find the first one is that you already have momentum going in the opposite direction.  So just sit with the statement in the centre until you find your first thought.  Make sure it is something you genuinely believe, not just wishful thinking.
  2. As you focus on this small thought, another thought will occur to you.  This will probably be small as well, but that’s ok.  Just write it in 2 o’clock. and the next one in 3.  By this time your thoughts will begin to gain momentum.
  3. Now the thoughts are getting bigger.  You might have a few medium sized ones, write them in 4, 5 and 6.
  4. By the time you hit 7, 8 or 9 you will be coming up with powerful thoughts. Keep going. 10, 11, 12.  Sometimes 12 blows my mind!  It’s fascinating to watch how you can go from such a weak thought at 1. to something so powerful at 12.  And it’s so satisfying because you know you would never have got to that expanded thought any other way. Doing this process has actually given me loads of creative ideas to problems that I wasn’t even looking for!

That’s it.  Then you just leave it.  You’ve started the wheel spinning in the direction of what you want and it will continue to attract and grow in strength. It’s like a magnet.  Anytime you think of it you will be adding to what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Go back to your original list and do a wheel for each thought.  The more you switch direction of the wheels the more energy will flow to you and you’ll move yourself into a place where your desire can be realised by you.  Your resistant thoughts will no longer be in the way.  You will be inspired to new actions or behaviours.  Thoughts will occur to you.  Inspiration will flow in because there’s nothing in the way.

I can’t really explain how powerful this process is – it’s something you have to DO yourself to understand what I’m saying.  It’s only when you take a resistant thought that has loads of momentum going on it and move it to a different place that you will feel the exhilaration of that and the freedom of it.

You will have turned lead to gold.  And you will have become an alchemist 🙂